The Villa

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Cast: Kyla Cole, Justine Joli, Nika, Tara Radovic, Elsa Versus (aka Bunny Luv)

Introduction ≈ 3mn: Kyla & Nika For introducing this movie you see nice kiss cut with scene of masturbation
Scene 1 ≈ 8mn: Kyla & Tara, black & white scene begin with Kyla & Tara sexy touch, a long part with Kyla alone and really really exciting, and finish by Tara !!
Scene 3 ≈ 5mn: Kyla & Nika, Kyla give pleasure to Nika, I can't give many detail but this scene is beautiful !!
Scene 4 ≈ 7mn: Kyla, Justine & Tara, Begin near windows Justine & Tara carress Kyla, after Tara masturbate Kyla & Justine see this couple of girls and masturbate herself, then Justine join Tara for give pleasure to Kyla, finish with threesome kiss (I love that :] )
Scene 9 ≈ 2mn: Kyla, Nice Solo Scene with Kyla, she play with legs and show the beautiful ass !!
Scene 10 ≈ 8mn: Kyla, Justine & Bunny, Bunny is good maid, Justine masturbate bunny and Kyla enjoy to see, follow by Bunny masturbate herself and the same time Kyla & Justine smoke and make ashes on ass of Bunny, follow by Kyla play with transparent dildos in pink of Bunny and Justine regarding and finnaly Bunny drink by Kyla body !!
Scene 14 ≈ 6mn: Kyla, Justine, Tara, Bunny & Nika, Justine and Kyla play with the breast of Tara, cut by scene of Bunny & Nika together
Scene 15 ≈ 6mn: Kyla, Nika & Justine, and now Nika have Kyla and Justine just for her !! Nika really lucky girl :]
Scene 16 ≈ 5mn: Kyla & Bunny, I love this scene cause intimate scene (ok and black stocking too), Kyla take care of pink Bunny !!
Scene 17 ≈ 8mn: Kyla, Bunny, Justine & Tara, Bunny, Justine & Tara play together cut by Kyla Cole solo scene !!
Finish ≈ 4mn: Kyla & Nika, this movie finish like begin with following scene of Intro

Total Time you Can See Kyla Cole: Less of total 62mn, cause cut scene appear inside scene

Year: 2002
Editor: Studio A
Director: Andrew Blake
Producter: Andrew Blake


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Format: NTSC
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