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Cast: Kyla Cole, Anita Blond, Justine Joli, Sierra

Scene 2 ≈ 7mn with Kyla, Justine, Sierra & Anita, Justine play with Kyla and Sierra look the scene, cut by Anita with red lingerie scene !!
Scene 4 ≈ 5mn with Kyla & Justine, Justine give pleasure to Kyla and nice kissing part !
Scene 6 ≈ 3mn with Kyla, Solo Scene with Kyla dress with Black Coast and white hair making little strip.
Scene 7 ≈ 8mn with Kyla, Justine, Sierra & Anita , Justine is attach at begin and all rest profit for making some pleasure stuff, the second part of scene Kyla give pleasure to Justine and Sierra give to Anita !!
Scene 8 ≈ 4mn with Kyla & Anita, AMAZING SCENE (lol, why capital letter ?? cause It's black stocking scene), carefull this scene is really beautiful I love see a girl like that and when It's Kyla I can say "WOW" !! 2 Parts on this scene, with Kyla alone on bed and Kyla with Anita together !!
Scene 11 ≈ 7mn with Kyla, Justine, Anita & Sierra, 2 Parts again in this scene, with Justine, Anita and Sierra together and Kyla making solo Scene with nice blue dress !!
Scene 13 ≈ 5mn with Kyla & Anita, Black & White scene, plays with breast, the scene finish by play with feet & return to color !!
Scene 15 ≈ 3mn with Kyla, Sierra, Justine & Anita, some Black & White parts, No description available I want to see this scene without making description, you can understand not always easy see movie and the same time making description :]
Scene 16 ≈ 5mn with Kyla, Sierra, Justine & Anita, nice scene here (all black nylons, lol you think I'm perverted by the black nylons now), Andrew Blake play with light, many cut scene, switch between Black & White and color, Kyla appear at the end few seconds
Scene 17 ≈ 2mn with Kyla & Anita, small scene with Kyla and Anita together again with nylons (for my pleasure), Kyla taste foot of Anita !!
Scene 18 ≈ 4mn with Kyla, Sierra, Justine & Anita, nice final scene with good music !!! OHhh, leave me alone now I want to see the end of this really good movie !!

Bonus Featurette ≈ 4mn With Kyla, Justine, Anita & Sierra, Amazing Black & White in Bathroom Justine, Sierra and Anita photographe Kyla !!!!!

Long Time I don't see this movie and I'm really happy to see for write this review !!!

Total Time you Can See Kyla Cole: Less of total 57mn, cause cut scene appear inside scene

Year: 2001
Editor: Studio A
Director: Andrew Blake
Producter: Andrew Blake


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Zone: All Regions
Format: NTSC
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